• can of goulash or rest of any roast (cut the meat into small pieces)
  • some gherkin (usually in a glass with spices and a liquid)
  • 1 small glass of marinated bell pepper (usually sliced)
  • at least one onion (or 2 small ones)
  • dripping
  • 1 bottle of ketchup
  • granulated stock
  • Salami
  • ham and/or gammon


  • boil 1 liter water and put granulated stock in there
  • cut the onion(s) and make it to onionrings
  • dripplings in a pot and heat it (on a cooker)
  • now put the onionrings into the pot
  • when the onions are sweat, put cutted salami,ham, gammon also into the pot and broil it
  • cut at least 4 gherkin into small pieces (keep the liquid), free the bell pepper and seperate it from its liquid (keep the liquid) - you may want to to cut this pieces as well if they are too large
  • put the sliced vegetables into a bowl or something. You can add other stuff, like white mushrooms, as well
  • put the ketchup and then the stock-water into the pot. You may want to add some more water - depends on your preferred amount
  • now add all remaining sliced stuff (vegetables, goulash or roast pieces)
  • add liquid from the can of goulash or from the rest of your roast (mix it)
  • wait till the stuff in the pot is boiling a little bit
  • add sauce thickener/gravy thickener (as soon as the Soljanka is boiling)
  • try it and spice it up. It should taste a little bit sour and spicy. You can use the liquid from the gherkin or the bell pepper to make it sour